Medical School Admissions, Explained

How To Be Pre-Med

The elusive obvious in medical school admissions is understanding that being pre-med is more than an just an academic designation or a group of classes. It’s is a lifestyle. It’s a way of thinking. And most importantly, its a calling. I know because I’ve been there.

I created How To Be Pre-Med™ as a one-stop resource for anyone who wants to go to medical school. Using a decade of experience first as a pre-med tutor at Harvard and now as a medical school admissions consultant, I have created a system to help pre-meds navigate the competitive and often stressful medical school admissions process.

I have used my insider knowledge to develop the “Six Buckets” model of How To Be Pre-Med™: Academics, Research, Community Service, Extracurriculars, Clinical Experience, and Application Skills. Click on the icons to the right to see what each “bucket” reveals and how you can be the best pre-med possible.

Don’t just say you’re pre-med, BE Pre-Med and GET IN!

Dr. Suzanne M. Miller, MD, FACEP