Medical School Admissions, Explained

How To Be Pre-Med™

How To Be Pre-Med™ is a resource for anyone who wants to get into medical school. Whether you are a high school student thinking of being pre-med, a college student taking pre-med classes, or a “non-traditional” applicant looking to return to school, How To Be Pre-Med™  has created resources that will help you get into medical school.

Dr. Suzanne Miller, a Harvard MD, former Harvard pre-med tutor, and medical school admission consultant, has created the How To Be Pre-Med™  resources based on the most common and pressing issues she has seen applicants face during over a decade of helping pre-meds get into medical school.

Dr. Miller has created a new model of thinking about how to be pre-med called the “Six Buckets.” In this model, how to be pre-med is divided into Academics, Research, Community Service, Extracurriculars, Clinical Experience, and Application Skills “buckets.” Each “bucket” has its own set of resources that will help you be the best pre-med possible and maximize your chances of getting into medical school.

Whether its through experimenting with the How To Be Pre-Med™  admissions calculator, engaging with Dr. Miller and other pre-meds on the forum, reading the free resources, or purchasing one of the many eBooks, podcasts, or webinars, you will learn the ins and out of how to be pre-med.

Don’t just study for pre-med, be Pre-Med!